Are You In Love with an ARIES? (March 20 - April 19)

If you are in love with an Aries man or woman, give this person flattery and firmness. Aries like to be noticed and will bask in the glow of your affection and attention. Slightly self-centered, this individual thinks and talks in the "I" mode (not presuming to speak for another). Able to take care of him (her) self, this being believes that you can take care of yourself, too. Because this is one of the strongest signs, Aries can be incredibly pushy. If you want to live happily ever after with this soul, you are going to have to learn how to push back. Aries doesn't actually want to run over you, but this person thrives on challenges and enjoys the fight. There is generally an assumption made that you like the fight, too. Using your wit will impress this being a great deal more than resorting to a physical challenge. Aries also love the chase. They enjoy being in the driver's seat and pursuing a potential over with craft and skill. You will lose this being's interest in a hurry if you are too easily or quickly won. If you know how to spar, you will have better luck with Aries the toreador. Aries need physical activity and they love to compete. If you are not a particularly physical person yourself, be sure to encourage your honey to work off this energy on his or her own. You will find you have fewer arguments as a result. One thing that you can count on with this lover, however, is a short grudge. This person has too much to do to waste time on nursing wounds and will
actually forget almost any trespass quite quickly. Don't expect him (her) to read your mind if you are holding onto one, because it will be totally misread. Just as the
rain-washes away the dust from the road, a good night's sleep or the passage of a few days' time generally cleanses .

Are You In Love with a TAURUS? (April 20 - May 19)

If you are in love with a Taurus man or woman, understand that this person is a one-woman man or a one-man woman( unless Gemini predominates elsewhere in the natal chart). Primarily interested in security, this being is looking to settle down and doesn't need a lot of movement. Preferring routine activities and traditional, established pleasures, this person is happy to continue on with whatever he or she has been doing for years. You will need to be able to fit somewhat into this already settled routine. You will attract his or her attention by giving gifts of quality; ticky-tacky is a turnoff for these practical souls. Known for their good taste, you will be more interesting to this being if you value yourself. Paying attention to your clothing and hair will help to show him or her that you understand the
importance of appearance. Taureans love to stay home and get cozy in their nests. Their idea of a good time is to rent a bunch of videos and veg out on the couch or in the easy chair. They also enjoy gourmet foods and fine wines and will often have highly developed culinary abilities. These souls can definitely be won over through their stomachs, so dig up your best recipes and give it a try. They do, however, sometimes resemble their animal, the bull, in that they cannot be pushed; you will see some real digging in if you try. Gentle persuasion is a much better tool with these people. You also should be aware that, in general, they often need to
ponder each word that you speak before being able to give you an answer. Allowing these souls a moment to think before expecting a response will result in a much happier relationship. Taureans also have a real need for security; you won't make points by squandering assets or avoiding saving. These beings need to have a
home base, which belongs to them and where they know they can retreat to in times of trouble. A nest egg for rainy days is also an essential.

Are You In Love with a GEMINI? (May 20 - June 20)

If you are in love with a Gemini man or woman, give him or her elusively and a lot of space alone. This individual needs a great deal of stimulation to stay interested and you will be much more appealing if you have some interests and friends of your own. Detachment is also a help here and you must guard against
sentimentality with this soul. Remembering that this person is, for the most part, a thinker rather than a feeler will help to keep this relationship in perspective. Changing your hair, your dress, or your schedule is another way to keep this one off guard. Spontaneity is extremely valued by this sign so buying theatre
tickets or home plate seats from time to time can make you more attractive. If you can drop what you are doing at a moment's notice in order
to travel up the coast for a romantic weekend, you will definitely score a hit here. The ability to have fun is another must as it is practically a religion for this individual. If you can handle a relationship that is light and loose, you will be happier with this soul than if you are too attached. Remember, too, that
Gemini is a sign of duality. You may sometimes feel as though you are living with two different people here and you never can tell which one will present itself. Patience comes in handy if you prefer one twin to the other. It also helps to realize that this being is inherently restless. You will need to be able to keep pace
with a odd deal of movement around the neighborhood as well as within your home. Don't expect the furniture to stay in one place with this sign, either. He (she) will soon find a better place to put the couch, the rug, the glass cabinet, or the pots and pans and you will be perceived as boring and dull if you complain.
If you think of this type of living as exciting, you will be very happy here.

Are You In Love with a CANCER? June 21 - July 21

If you are in love with a Cancer man or woman, give him or her your understanding. This is a sensitive soul who needs to be brought out of the shell with attention and discussion. Patience is important here as often (but not always) this individual is quiet or shy. He or she will only share innermost thoughts after a great deal of
trust has been established. A Cancer lover is a deeply feeling person. Once you have secured his or her love, you will be placed first, above all
others, in everything that you do. You will be expected to return the favor. Somewhat possessive, this man or woman is prepared to dedicate life to you and
wants to know that you appreciate it. Passion is also extremely important here. Although you will be encouraged to keep the matter between the two
of you. Your pleasure is extremely important to this being's happiness so don't be afraid to explain what you like (diplomatically). And, return the favor by
asking in kind. This person is really a homebody and will work tirelessly to fluff up the nest. Preferring the company of the clan to large crowds, a
Cancer lover is often willing to invest in a swimming pool or hot tub. Or, you do well when you share many sports or activities such as skiing, sailing, or
bowling. A cabin on the lake or a mountainside condominium are also attractive to this man or woman; the only other necessity is to have you right by his or her side...

Are You I n Love with a LEO? (July 22 - August 22)

If you are in love with a Leo man or woman, the most important thing you can give him or her is your attention. This is one mate who will charm and caress you, make passionate love with you, dance with you into the wee hours of the morning, give you the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, and all you have to do is notice!
But, notice you must. It is true that most Leos need pats on the back as much as the rest of us require air to breathe. This is because, for all their vim and vigor and outward confidence, Leos are actually quite shy and vulnerable on the inside. In fact, it can be said that the louder and more brash a Leo sounds, the more insecure
he or she is feeling at the time. A Leo lover is loyal, warm, generous, and fun. This is one individual who truly knows how to have a good time, and he or she wants you to be included in it. You are a very special audience to this person and you are treated like royalty. A Leo is not particularly interested in dating just anybody and you must stand out from the crowd to garner this one's attention. He or she wants both of you to shine. You will be appreciated even more if
you don't mind letting this honey glow in the limelight. A great storyteller, this one has a natural ability to draw a crowd of beaming faces. Jealousy doesn't
go over too well here. You needn't worry very much about losing his or her affections; once a Leo gives his (her) heart, loyalty comes right along with it. While this mate likes to make dramatic statements, ticky-tacky does not do. Gifts should be of quality and you are amazed at the ones showered upon you. Compliments
keep them coming. A fixed sign, this honey sometimes may become set in his/her ways. Personal opinions are very important to this lover and it may
be hard to change this premeditated mind. Gentle persuasion works best here as well as pointing out the better aspects of his/her argument. You can
expect a lot from this lover. He or she has a way of keeping life interesting and movement and action are constant companions. If you are looking for a good time spelled F-U-N, you have certainly found it here.

Are You In Love with a VIRGO? (August 23 - Sept 21)

If you love a Virgo, give him or her attention to detail. Some -- but not all. Virgos are neat nits and cannot stand living in a mess. Others need for you to acknowledge their ideas or accomplishments. But all will be fussy about something, and you will keep this one happy by discovering wherein lies the pet peeve and steering clear of it. It is best if you realize that this individual has a real need for order in some aspect of his or her life. This person can be counted upon to be consistent in a particular area for you, and feels cheated if the favor is not returned. Because a Virgo is able to see the potential perfection in everything, don't be offended if little comments arise about getting the lint off your sweater or re-working your résumé. He (she) just wants you to look your best and is happy to help you do so. Remember, too, that this person sees life largely through an intellectual window. He or she can always be reasoned with but may have a hard time dealing with displays of emotion. This doesn't mean that your feelings aren't important; it just indicates that you may need to explain them rather than expect this honey to intuitively understand. A Virgo lover likes to know and follow certain ground rules so you probably should spend some time discussing his or her expectations as well as your own at the beginning of this relationship. As long as you keep the lines of communication open, this should ward off any potential misunderstandings in the future. You won't, however, find a more loyal mate anywhere. This is one honey who keeps all of his (her) loving for you alone and expects you to do the same. Fresh sheets and clean skin turn this person on more. Respect for this one's person and belongings keep him or her right by your side.

Are You In Love with a LIBRA? (Sept 22 - Oct22)

If you are in love with a Libran man or woman, give him or her your attention and your company. This is one individual who truly wants to share as much as possible in life and will be a faithful and dedicated partner if given the chance. You may notice, too, that he (she) always strives to be inclusive of not only you, but friends and
acquaintances as well. This person truly needs interactions with others and desires a full social life above many other things. Because of his (her) desire for balance, you may also see some striking dualities here. Soft lights and classical music could be interspersed with wild dancing revelries to rock and roll; each Libra
expresses this aspect in his or her own way. Whatever the oppositions artwork here, they will play and interplay in equal amounts. If you are not as comfortable with one side, just wait a bit until the other reappears. This is one honey that can also be counted upon to help out with household chores. Dishes, dusting, sweeping, hedge trimming, and lawn mowing are almost akin to lovemaking (love of home) in his or her eyes. All you need to do is be 100% loyal and you will be treated like
the King or Queen of the Castle. It's quite a small price to pay. You can be sure, however, that this honey will never leave you lonely. He (she) understands togetherness unlike most other signs and you would do well to return the favor. Be careful, too, not to accept too many gratuities without exchange as he (she) will be aware of the imbalance and may harbor silent resentments in the future. Enjoying the fun, sharing, and caring of this individual while giving back the same will ensure a long, happy, and prosperous relationship for both of you.

Are You In Love with a SCORPIO? (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

If you are in love with a Scorpio man or woman, give him or her your full attention and devotion. Sharp as a tack, this person definitely notices everything. You will be able to keep no secrets here; this individual is an expert at ferreting them out. Truthfulness is well appreciated by this mate. Emotions are extremely important to a Scorpio and you must be willing to explore the range (the valleys as well as the peaks) in order to keep this partner happy. Passionate and possessive, he (she) needs a lot of physical statement. This mate often even defines his (her) relationship to you by the amount of actual physical connection. If you are not interested in touchy-feely, you might want to look elsewhere for true happiness. Loyalty is also very valuable to this individual as he (she) will want to look at you as being
his (hers) alone. Should you stumble in this area, you may be forgiven but don't think that your Scorpio lover will forget (with such a sharp mind, little is forgotten). Of course, this works both ways and a more devoted mate would be hard to find. You have in this partner an extremely strong personality. This relationship works best if you can maintain some of your own strength and keep things equal. Finding other arenas to excel in by yourself can also help here as very few signs can
successfully compete with Scorpio. Don't ever try to force something on this mate, either; coaxing works better than brute force here. Be aware, too, that Scorpio's power is often of the hidden variety. You mustn't take this mate at face value only. If you delight in challenges, enjoy the world of emotions and are also a sturdy and strong personality, you may have just your cup of tea here. This is one individual who is going places and, if you can keep up, would be happy to take you along.

Are You In Love with a SAGITTARIUS? (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

If you are in love with a Sagittarius man or woman, give him or her freedom and honesty. This is one honey that will resist any and all efforts to be pinned down too definitively and you would do best to understand this from the start. They are the players of love. He (she) needs plenty of rope. Don't expect quick commitment here either; this lover is fairly independent and enjoys his (her) own company. You will never be bored with a Sagittarius partner though. This individual is interested in almost everything and delights in sharing knowledge with you and everyone else. "Flirt" could be a middle name here. Jealousy is a no-no as the exchange of
conversation is nearly as important as air and food to this person. Friendly as a new puppy, he (she) meanders about collecting and dispensing data with all comers. Physical fitness is also important here. Often possessing natural athletic abilities, he (she) can be found hiking, biking, running, or skiing, and will want you to keep right up alongside. You will have many joint memories of wilderness treks, roaring campfires, and starlit nights. Adventuresome ness is quite near the top of the
qualities you must have to be of any interest to this enterprising individual. The meek need not apply. Your main challenges here may be learning to live with the occasional disorganization of this busy soul and the directness, which could be construed as lack of tact. You must understand that this person abhors dishonesty and is quite incapable of participating in it. Too many concurrent projects can scatter his (her) energy but your encouragement maybe all that's needed to keep the number reasonable. You have found a dynamic partner in this mate. Enjoy the wit and repartee, explore new worlds and lost civilizations together and talk until the
wee hours of the morning. With this individual, you can have fun!

Are You In Love with a CAPRICORN? (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

If you are in love with a Capricorn man or woman, give him or her encouragement and support. This is one honey that will work diligently to provide you with the best that money can buy and all you have to do is notice. Quiet and competent, he or she goes about business with a professional attitude and a desire to please.
Pats on the back are appreciated here. You do, however, need to realize that career is like lifeblood to this individual. He (she) sees personal, professional work much like a husband looks upon his bride. There will be late nights at the office, business trips, or working weekends, and you will be expected to
understand. Order is also important here. Dishes left in the sink and loose socks cluttering up the bedroom floor will definitely be a turn-off. Helpful
hints from this individual are not meant as a criticism; he (she) just wants to assist in your perfection. You will also be expected to honor all dates
and appointments; this man or woman is completely punctual and reliable and wants you to be the same. Knowledge of proper etiquette might come in handy,
too. With this mate, you have found a partner who is going places and is willing to take you along. It won't happen on the instant/credit plan, though, as he (she) truly wants to earn it and own it personally. Because this individual is sometimes shy, you may need to get this individual talking in order to avoid the buildup of
resentments. You are asked to contribute a lot here, but much is also given.

Are You In Love with an AQUARIUS? (Jan 20 - Feb 17)

If you are in love with an Aquarius, give him or her a very long leash and your respect. This is one of the most freedom-oriented of all the signs and this individual will not tolerate nagging or any cramping of his (her) style. You must understand that here you have found a person who truly looks at the world from a different
perspective and needs to be supported in this endeavor. Bright and original, this partner sees the world as it will be or should be and feels somewhat personally responsible to bring the future about. Some Aquarians feel so strongly about this that they are almost revolutionary in thought and behavior. Aquarius, as a rule, is
also much more comfortable in the realm of thought than that of emotion. This person actually has the ability to detach from his (her) body and view conversations and situations from above. You needn't worry about judgment, though, as he (she) is extremely tolerant of everything except intolerance. Friends are important to this individual and you can expect a steady stream either through your house or his (her) business. You have found here, too, a partner that truly seeks an equal relationship. He or she wants to stand on his (her) own and wants you to do the same. This is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and if you look at the number
11, it represents masculine and feminine --separate -- but also side-by-side and equal. As we are currently proceeding into the great "Age of Aquarius," this is good news for us all. Flexibility is also a must with this mate as he she) enjoys last minute and/or unexpected surprises." Boring" will not be a word you use
to describe this relationship as he (she) keeps you wondering what's going to happen next. If you are looking for a partner with whom to have a fair and interesting match, you have found it here.

Are You In Love with a PISCES? (Feb 18 - Mar 19)

If you are in love with a Pisces man or woman, give him or her attention and sympathy. You have met here an individual who will quietly listen to the tales of your days -- good and bad ? and desires only the same consideration in return. Gentle and caring, he (she) provides a safe haven in any kind of weather and can be
counted upon to get you back on track. Make sure that you do the same. Little gifts are greatly appreciated here and they need not be expensive. The idea of the token of your affection keeps this individual smiling and returning the favor with surprises of his (her) own. Snuggle-bunnies (hugs) or other displays of tenderness are also essential for true happiness with this mate. You may need to make a conscientious effort to keep him or her talking about his (her) feelings. Though deeply emotional inside, this particular sign --more than others-- is prone to suffer in silence rather than speak out about personal irritations or letdowns. Disaster lurks
down that road as unexpressed emotions carry a punch far greater than expressed ones. Make sure that the lines of communication stay open and you can avoid this pitfall. Don't be alarmed when this honey desires to spend time alone; it is essential for his (her) mental health. Pisces doesn't have as strong an aura as many of the
other signs do and needs to re-charge the batteries without anyone else around from time to time. Kindness also pays off in this match. Often polite, he (she) generally is not fond of harsh words or rude phrases. You have found here a person who prizes serenity above all else and one who will appreciate your efforts to keep the waters calm. Once acquired, this bond will be long-lived and true blue